We can’t just keep reusing the arguments from the last referendum because they are no longer relevant. But please remember, we have to consolidate behind the independence banner and if if it means swallowing our pride and supporting the SNP then this must be done in the short term. Let’s take a good look at it, folks because here we have once again, the embarrassing and sour sight of betrayal by our own. These same people were never awarded such a honour before – their posts were proof of their bias. There is a rumour, apparently from his office that he wants to wants to defect after being kicked out of the NEC for trying to oust Ash Denham and being rejected as Deputy Leader and Commons leader. ”, “Truly a great place! Complete with I wonder what the voting numbers are looking like, if Labour does abstain/vote against. 'Has' is used in the present perfect tense. The UK State has made it clear that the democratic will of the people of Scotland as represented by the Scottish Parliament will now be overruled and ignored. 28 December, 2020 at 12:52 pm The latest spot vying for space on your Instagram feed has arrived. The açaí bowls are really big and filling and Time to act on behalf of the people you represent. Complete failures because they are standing behind the dear leader instead of the people. ps; for the feingt-hearted I’m not apologising for my language…talk about these fucking SNP treating their electorate like the height of shite…. Don’t let UK media set the questions set them straight with the full picture. It’s high time Sturgeon was put out to posture. Or with each other personally or in business interactions any way whatsoever. This is a free intermediate English grammar quiz and esl worksheet. @theSNP votes. ….in other words, Andrew Morton, you want to be still fighting gallantly for Scottish Independence in 40 years time. Firstly, I don’t have a vote as I don’t live in Scotland. The UK government via its Fifth Column in Scotland, British Nationalist politicians have built up a huge war chest of taxpayers cash to spend on anti-independence messages, via their Union Unit and Union Taskforce. @sarah 6 16 AT the same time the SNP should be pushing at the Scotland Act at every turn, and there is surely now a case for setting-up an alternative Scottish parliament – just to see what London would do about it. And, actually, it’s blind loyalists like you that caused this shit-show. But just as Alex Salmond’s body language recently has been one of a man who is cheerfully following in the footsteps of Bonnie Dundee, the conterpoint is Nicola looks haunted. There are already people in the ISP that don’t exactly inspire confidence. This is now. Painting a house, whether interior or exterior, is a project that always seems to follow its own schedule. Enough said? @willie 6 01 Support for Independence has risen by around 10% during that time and I wonder if support for Wings is similar, Barrheadboy has a short roundup on AUOB’s online meeting about Plan B, https://www.barrheadboy.com/plan-b/, Iain Lawson is saying the same, https://yoursforscotlandcom.wordpress.com/2020/12/29/and-so-the-day-dawns/. “There is a place in present day politics for you”. These political parties must not be aligned with the other parties. And I say their deal because they are signing it off. Craig Evans: “if it means swallowing our pride and supporting the SNP then this must be done in the short term. The requirements for the application would be set for the benefit of the EU and it’s existing members, not the people and businesses of Scotland. We’re fully on-course for the hearing on the 21st and 22nd of January, although there will likely be a hearing in the interim with respect to some documents. How bloody dumb and trusting we were just one more push , it’s just round the corner , mistakenly we thought the leadership were reading the same book we were , mugs the lot of us . It’s farcical. It was mentioned several times in BTL comments of this blog and it was seen already then as a strategy to get Scotland’s consent to leave the EU by the back door. At no point have I said my judgement is superior to you. See ya pal. So sad many would that the solution be hidden away from view, like some embarrassing misdeed. Demand the name of their researcher who came up with a distorted picture of the reality. Headlights have been changed to LED, via Lamonster kit. Love the conference room idea - extremely cheap to reserve considering the I’ve obviously not made that apparent enough to some. That’s 600k Scots who may not be traditionally SNP voters. Do you really think that by them both voting against makes then the same politically? If you identified with the EU you would support their deal. When will they see reality, or is their pay cheques too good at blinkering them. It would be a betrayal of the people of Scotland to condone leaving the EU under any circumstances, even retrospectively. It’s like Caroline Lucas opening a coal fired power station in the middle of Brighton. The whole business smacks of desperation. This is now the grassroots yes movements only option, there is not a politician standing that has acknowledged the sovereignty of the Scottish people, even the EU ignored us in Brexit talks, however they were willing to negotiate with England the rights to our coastal waters for fishing quotas. Scots MPs enjoy masochism. “The Brexit deal will pass regardless of how Coercion is not Consenting it’s our old friend Mandatory and it’s been the plan all along Compliance with the Government of the time your rights have become their gift to you and can be withdrawn. An “illegal” referendum (copyright Nicola Sturgeon) is in practice in the control of local councils, none of which the SNP has a majority in. It provides suitable conditions for many types of ecosystems, as well as water for hydroelectric power plants and crop irrigation. dog 1. verb To judge or criticize someone for something. But there will be as each vote is never taken in isolation but in the context of all the baggage of previous conflicting positions. we the people say it’s Indyref2 “Framing matters…” should not be dismissed simply as a clumsy attempt to distort objective facts but a lesson in politics from a consummate master, the SNP’s fountainhead no less, at whose feet we sit thirsting for wisdom, if others will not, I, at least, salute you Ayn Smith…. Unlike you and the Labour Party, they have not been conned by Tory tricks that are now so transparent. Are you rewriting Stu’s post?. The Scotland Office is nothing more than a British Nationalist propaganda unit paid for by taxpayers cash. “Out of interest, and to help me judge what is current, has support for Wings increased or decreased over the last six months.”, Wings traffic for December so far, with two and a half days to go, is roughly 34% higher than for the whole of June. Except this time it’s worse. Though walking back into this mode of thought and frame of being, after almost thirty years, isn’t as straight-forwards as some might think. We all know what that solution is and wish to see it in banner headline format. That was his overwhelming strength in the lead up to IndyRef1. For a number of years, Seth Godin has been talking about the need to “connect the dots” rather than “collect the dots”.That is, rather than memorising information, students must be able to learn how to solve new problems, see … Yes, they get to point score down the line and say they voted against the deal that Labour voted for, but at what price? Now we have the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 and UK Internal Market Act 2020. But england and boris still owns our arse’s. I think after the last 5 years the movement also needs a clean break and freshened up. On Twitter it’s the same, with all sorts of intellectuals talking about Scotland being alienated and the likely consequences. It should never have come to this. Your hatred for the SNP is now clouding your judgement.. It’s always good to know there is a beacon of light towards which we can turn our eager faces for objective truth. Uncertain Dignity: Judging Human Dignity As a Constitutional Value Yet we are englands last colony. But then the SNP only do ‘respectable’ politics. You still appear to think your judgement is superior to mine, and imagine that you are competent to tell me how to play the game. for business meet-ups too, and they have a large gorgeous conference room they rent by the hour.”. Support for independence hasn’t risen by 10% over the last 6 months. There really isn’t any point in arguing with those who are intent on denying the salience of your point-of-view (see British nationalism). View Article Breeks, I follow your logic. Then you pop up with the CameronBB Brodie multiple posts of irrelevance. Years of defence against No Deal suddenly it becomes Ok to vote for it? Possums, Like a pyramid scam merchant who has run out of Southsea bubbles to sell. Or is your aim
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