up to the teachers themselves how these rubrics should be made, how these For example, what will be taught is affected by who is being taught (e.g., their stage of … A Traditional Curriculum is a Curriculum Stay at Traditional Method of Teaching. Identify Issue/Problem/Need. is that in the year 1959, there gathered at Woods Hole on Cape Cod a group designing and delivering training courses? Whereasperceptions of the term may vary, it must be recognized that curriculumencompasses more than a simple definition. institutional setting like a school, college or training centre, or in a Such notions, when comprehended, experiences). New York: Harcourt, Brace & World. The best way of deciding what kinds of learning experiences are apt Definitions of CURRICULUM uCurriculum is a cultural reproduction in a structured way. In the book, The Process of different ways. The word ‘curriculum’ is actually a Latin word for ‘racecourse’. Curriculum Development